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Who Needs Girl Push Ups?

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It’s a big jump from “girl” pushups, where your knees touch the floor, to straight up military-style presses, but there’s one simple tool that can help you bridge the gap: the stairs. Raised pushups are easier than traditional, and they build more strength in your chest, arms, shoulders and core than girl pushups do. Starting with step 1, practice each step four times a week until you can do 15 pushups without rest, and then move on to the next step.

Step 1 Stand facing a staircase with both feet flat on the floor in front of the bottom step. Place your hands shoulder-width apart on the front edge of the third step up. Keep your abs tight and your body straight while lowering yourself slowly, then push back up. Do 1 set of 12 (be sure to rest for 30 seconds any time you need to).

Step 2 Take a step back and place your hands on the second step from the bottom. Again, aim for 12 pushups, and take 30 ­second breaks as you need them.

Step 3 Repeat the move, but this time lower your hands to the bottom step. Repeat until you can knock out a dozen reps at that level and you’re on your way to the floor.

Step 4 Break out the sleeveless tops. Its Summer and you’ll need to show off those arms.


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