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What Kind of Beer Drinker are You?

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If you are like me there are very few things in this world that genuinely bring friends together as well as beer. Beer gives us a shared bond with one another regardless of race, age or dress size. Of course just as we choose our friends based on shared interests and a kindred spirit, so we can best identify with a certain style of beer drinker. Brand marketers and drunk people both agree you can ascertain a lot about a person by their choice of beer, and just so you don’t need to think too hard we’ve compiled the short list:

Microbrew and Craft Beer Girls

I have to admit, this is my comfort zone. These ladies are all about the growing Craft Beer scene. The trend setters, innovators, fearless (I digress). These girls are serious about beer and if you’re going to be serious, why not be serious about something that will get you drunk. This could be the “one drink too many” crowd but when you’re drinking 9% ABV its hard not to be.

The Catchy Import Girls

Slightly more uppity than your “Bud Girls”. These ladies are all about style over substance or as I call it “taste”. “No glass for me, I’ll take the bottle” because those imported labels are impressive. Thank you InBev for bringing them to America. These are the girls you’ll find carrying around half empty bottles and I understand, I wouldn’t finish that Heineken either.

All Americans and Bud Girls

This group is dear to me because I’ve been there. Even if you don’t admit it now chances are that you’ve been there too. This group is a big tent including everything from budget conscious sorority sisters to NASCAR loving, flag waving cowgirls and everything in between. I have to admit I miss these girls now and then. Life is simple as a Bud Girl, it just doesn’t taste as good.

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