SweetWater Low RYEder IPA

by • June 23, 2013 • beer reviews and tastingsComments (0)787


Just a note for the IPA hounds out there. SweetWater has another IPA, and this one is a rye IPA that is really worth a swig. Just spotted it at a local grocery store and I had to get 6 to try. Lovely. The rye is right there on the front end of the taste. Spicy and sharp-ish is the reason I like rye in ales, and this one delivers. Lots of citrus and a surprising quick bitter in the mouth, with little felt in the throat, where I like it to finish. The surprise for me was the IBU of 45. Nearly all of that is tasted in the mouth. Good head, good feel and good taste. Even nice hoppy burps. Not the best bitch in the kennel, but worth a try. I will probably keep some of this around just for an afternoon pressure reducer.

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