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Finding Your Business Mentor

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I’ve heard it before “Since women think like women and men think like men you are better off finding a female mentor”. Women have a different set of challenges in the work force than men do, that much is true. For example, a female mentor may be better able to tell you how to deal with gender discrimination issues. Do you want to find out how to crack the glass ceiling in a male dominated workplace? You might be surprised to read this but “ask a man” (preferably one with grown daughters, just saying). They often have the connections that you need, that’s why they dominate it. Confused yet? Don’t be.

It all boils down to doing your research. before you ask someone to become your mentor ask yourself “am I willing to take their advice and direction?”.  Remember, you are looking for guidance, understanding and serious business advice – not a yes man(or woman). If everything you touch turns to gold you don’t need a mentor, you should be a mentor.

So where do I start? There are many women-helping-women organizations that have mentor programs and you can find a mentor in your industry  by contacting professional associations or your local social or human services department. Best case scenario, stick close to home. Have you run across someone in business and thought “that’s where I want to be”? Ask for a moment of their time over lunch or coffee. Even the most successful people you know are often flattered by your approval. Start small, mentoring take a lot of time and time is money. As in all of your business dealing start by building a relationship on trust and before you know it…



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