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Dating Co-Workers: Just a Thought

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“Dipping the pen in company ink” has always been something I was warned not to do while getting started in the work force. But sometimes, being with someone for 30-40 hours a week can lead to attraction. Its is rare that a relationship between co-workers doesn’t go sour, but when it does, you’re stuck with that person for 40 hours a week now unless one of you quit your job.

I will say from experience, dating a co-worker does have potential to work out for the best. It gives you the opportunity to really get to know someone without the commitment or awkwardness of a first date. When you’re the “new girl” at a job, you are immediately getting sized up by the other girls and checked out by the guys. Chances are there have already been some hook-ups within the company in the past, so watch out for jealous ex’s who try to be your new bestie. (“keep your friends close and your enemies closer” ring a bell?)

Another benefit to dating a co-worker is having someone to carpool with and an excuse for sleepovers. Its so nice to stay at his house then drive together to work. We all know how expensive gas is now-a-days. Just beware of relationship self destruction with spending TOO much time together. I personally use my drive home to belt out a few Miranda Lambert tunes to “decompress” after work and I sure as hell won’t sing in front of a new boyfriend. Also, a tip for anyone willing to do the sleepover- carpool set up, bring an extra bag of clothes. If you show up to work carpooling with your new friend in the same outfit as the day before, people are either going to assume your homeless or you two are knocking boots after hours.

The bottom line is that if you are going to start a relationship at work, just be ready for 1 of 2 things. #1- It wont last very long and a breakup could make your job horrible for you. #2- If it does work out, one of you might need to find a new job.  I met my fiance at work 4 years ago, and I know that the ONLY reason it worked out the way it did was because when we started getting serious, we both found a new job. I just didn’t want to risk losing him and visa-versa. So, think before you ink!

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