A Floridians Guide to Stress Relief

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If you’re a recent transplant to Florida, you probably thought that “Summer” was a well deserved retreat from life’s day to day challenges. Summer in Florida meant lazy days at the beach, fun at the parks and plenty of time to get away.

Now that you’re here, things may have changed. You might be working a little overtime to “catch up” on a few  things and only hitting the parks when a friend has extra passes (let me know if you have any extra passes). The key though is using the time you do have to really unwind.

Stress can lead to not only bad skin and weight gain but to heart disease, cancer and depression. Being “Super Woman” and burning the candle at both ends can really take its toll so learning to “live like you’re on vacation” could save your life.

Here are some tips to let you “get away” no matter how many days you have off.

  • Quit working when you quit working. With your work email linked to you tablet and your phone it can be hard to get away. If you “need” to stay connected sometimes, schedule20-30 minutes during your evening to catch up but avoid bedtime. Nobody needs work on the brain before bed.
  • Get away at home. In heels all day? Maybe flip flops will bring you back to your happy place at the beach. Changing out of business casual and into vacation comfortable can change your mindset in a hurry.
  • Twenty minutes of sunlight a day can increase serotonin and improve mood. It also enhances muscle strength, builds bone and your immune system. If you’re out between 1 and 4 don’t forget the sunscreen.
  • Can’t do a full on vacation? Make it a long weekend. Staying home is okay but a change of scenery works wonders. Get away from the things that stress you out, quit staring at your work badge sitting on the nightstand. Check in to a local hotel for a staycation. Florida residents can find great deals, be sure to call ahead.

So to everyone in the “Vacation Capital of the World”, we deserve a break. If it means slipping into your favorite beach dress and flips or crashing the pool at your favorite resort, take time for “you”. Cut the stress and I’ll see you there.

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